Is there a break in your cold chain?

Temperature dashboard management

Do you understand the impact of temperature mismanagement on the quality of your product?

The Solution lies in pro-active management. Coldcubed® has developed a temperature-management dashboard that monitors the temperatures live in your facility or throughout the entire cold chain.

Temperature Data:

  • Captured by sensors strategically positioned in your cold storage facility.

  • By sensors placed in transit vehicles.

  • Information is available to you with customised alerts and a real-time dashboard.

  • Dashboard accessible on your IOS, Android or PC.

  • Individual sensor data is available on the dashboard for in depth forensic analysis.

Product temperature tracking

Why, as a supplier of chilled produce, is my stock being returned with complaints of spoilage?

This depends on the thermal integrity of the cold supply chain along which your product travels.

In order to verify that your product was sound when it left the cold storage facility, you need confirmation of the thermal integrity of the entire supply chain.

Coldcubed cold chain tracking checks temperatures along the entire length of the cold supply chain and can identify where thermal abuse occurs.

We train you, your managers and food handlers
on all levels

Training and temperature dynamics

Cold chain management is a core competency in your business necessary to provide a sustainable service to your clients.

Training is therefore an investment to ensure that process and technology add efficiency to your business.

Coldcubed® provides Cold Chain Management modules to suit your business needs.

Qualified facilitators will take your teams on a journey of discovery to ensure knowledgeable and passionate professionals, for improved cold chain management.

Coldcubed forensics

How can I determine the financial implications on my business of temperature breaches in my supply chain?

A temperature controlled supply chain involves a chain of custody between the producer, transportation, warehousing and retailers.

The business case is to ensure the temperature integrity of the entire cold chain.

Coldcubed® Forensics checks for thermal abuse.

Proactive management rather than reactive management

From Data to Information

Is the design of your cold room performing to the set temperature?
Do you understand the impact of door opening and closing on product quality?
Do you understand the impact of receiving products, particularly if they are at higher temperatures?

This requires a thermal analysis of all your cold spaces or cubes in the entire cold chain environment.

The Solution is our Coldcubed Thermal diagnostic tool.

It enables an assessment of temperature controlled spaces or cubes, to evaluate its performance and calculates the risk to your temperature sensitive products and your business.

Energy efficiency solutions

What is the energy cost of running my cold storage facility and how can it be optimised?

At Coldcubed®, we apply the M⁴ (‘Man Must Measure to Manage’) methodology for an energy efficiency analysis.

Energy consumption of vital components is measured and then compared to the amount of product in storage. This data can be used to calculate an energy efficiency index and use this to aid in reducing energy costs.

Solutions to cold chains

A temperature-controlled supply chain involves a chain of co-operation from supplier to retailer.

Therefore, the business case is to ensure a trusted temperature environment throughout to maintain the safety and integrity of temperature-sensitive products..

We at Coldcubed® provide you with all the tools to manage your cold chain and optimise the performance of your facility, to avoid costly wastage and extend product shelf-life.

What are the legal requirements?