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Losing money in perishables?

Can you afford invisible loss in shelf life through not knowing the temperature of your perishable product in the cold chain… the cold room… the cold truck or wherever in the cold supply chain, millions of rands worth of product needs to be kept fresh and quality preserved to make sure that the shelf-life meets the customer expectations?

Load shedding in the cold chain?

This is now a South African reality for everyone involved in the cold supply chain … We start the generator without knowing whether it is necessary … how long will the product stay at the correct temperature … when is the product out of temperature?

Lacking cold chain insight?

Your brand is worth millions and it might be the very thing that defines your profit… You can’t afford to gamble with product safety, product quality and shelf-life!

At Coldcubed®

We provide solutions to problems in temperature-controlled supply chains, thereby we ensure freshness, food safety, quality and dependable shelf life.

We bring visibility to temperature-controlled environments within a supply chain.

We translate the data into information, that communicates with integrity and complies with the South Africa legal requirements for food safety.

Are you managing the complexities of your cold chain to ensure full value?

Ensure the customer’s nutritional needs are reached

The cold chain is essential for keeping perishable products, particularly meat and fruit and veg, safe to eat and maintaining the shelf-life to ensure that fresh ingredients reach the customers for their nutritional needs. Looking after the cold chain is critical to ensure food safety and availability to the customer.

Coldcubed’s customised temperature dashboard ensures that wherever you are in the cold chain; farm, distribution, chilled/frozen distribution centres or in retail stores, you can be sure what the temperature of your products are?

Why temperature monitoring in a cold chain

Temperature monitoring is essential to any end-to-end integration of cold supply chain management.

It is the only way to ensure that the temperature sensitive food products, are stored and transported safely, efficiently and most important stay fresh for the table.

We offer the tools and the solutions to transform your business.

Be alerted when the temperatures are too high or too low

Provides you with real time temperature data every 5 seconds

With a click of a button you can see what happened one hour or 24 hours or …. ago

Temperature data history can be captured to identify shortcomings in the performance of the facility

We provide live monitoring of temperatures while the refrigeration system is being serviced or refurbished, to ensure that the product stays within the boundaries that protect the product.

Multiple sensors ensure accurate real-time monitoring of the cold room or equipment, maintaining product temperature and shelf-life.

Our customised dashboards are set up to reflect data live in real-time but can equally be set up to provide analytical information in any shape or form.

Our live dashboard can be viewed on any device connected to the internet including; a laptop or desktop computer or cell phone.


Where in the value chain does it occur?


Agricultural-harvest stage
(33% cost)


Processing & packaging


Distribution & retail


Consumer level

Shelf life benefits

Product quality and shelf life can only be preserved if the integrity of the cold chain is maintained at all times. Every element of the value chain is tested when a weak link breaks the cold chain. The impact may not be evident immediately, but the last link in the cold chain – the consumer – will ultimately bear the brunt of a temperature failure when the product does not reach its expected shelf life.

Man must measure to manage

Risk assessment

We assess the risk for our clients by monitoring temperatures in their multi-temperature-controlled facilities. Temperatures are recorded 24/7 at regular intervals for proactive management in the event of out of temperature variation.

Did you know
that you can easily interpret and identify out of temperature patterns, from the data history on our live dashboard?

Measuring temperature is a critical part of the cold chain process for ensuring extended shelf-life and that your product is safe for consumption.

At Coldcubed®, we specialise in customised and cost effective real-time temperature dashboards, for all your cold chain requirements with many features available for pro-active management, when the heat is on!!

Our Dashboard monitoring system makes use of digital sensor probes to record accurate temperature & humidity in your cold storage facility or space.

We store all data to our cloud server for your easy access on a user-friendly real-time dashboard, available on any device wherever you are.

Load Shedding Management Solution

What can I do to ensure that my cold chain is operating optimally when the lights go out?

To mitigate these risks, you may opt for alternative energy sources like generators to maintain cold chain operations during power cuts. However, these solutions are often costly to implement.

Coldcubed offers a cost effective dashboard monitoring system and automation technology, which can provide real-time data on temperature variations in your cold storage facilities during lights out.

This system can trigger alerts when temperatures deviate from the optimal range during load shedding, allowing managers to take immediate remedial action to prevent spoilage.