At Coldcubed®, we provide solutions to problems in temperature-controlled supply chains – to ensure food safety, quality and dependable shelf life.

As part of our service delivery, we use thermal and humidity mapping (developed by Coldcubed® and unique in South Africa) to measure temperature-controlled environments within a supply chain. This provides accurate data that can be communicated with integrity – in compliance with the South African legal requirements for food safety.

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Product quality and shelf life can only be preserved if the integrity of the cold chain is maintained at all times. Every element of the value chain is tested when a weak link breaks the cold chain. The impact may not be evident immediately, but the last link in the cold chain – the consumer – will ultimately bear the brunt of a temperature failure when the product does not reach its expected shelf life.

We assess the risk for our clients by monitoring temperatures in their multi-temperature-controlled facilities. Temperatures are recorded at regular intervals over a period of around six weeks.


Did you know that you can easily interpret thermal data through an illustrated map?


At Coldcubed®, we have developed a product – known as thermal and humidity mapping. This product is unique in South Africa and is only available from Coldcubed®. The mapping exercise involves tracking the three-dimensional view of the temperatures and humidity to provide a colour image of the variances in temperature throughout cold storage facilities.

Field to fork field cold management

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